Clinical Requirements

The following information is to serve as a reference of clinical requirements that may be needed upon admission to the nursing program. It is not designed to be all-inclusive, and requirements are subject to change. Upon admission to the program, all students will receive specific instructions with additional details. Furthermore, please seek the advice of your medical healthcare provider about the advisability of receiving vaccines if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have allergies.  

Immunization Requirements   

  1. Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis vaccine (TDaP). To be compliant, the TDaP must have been administered within the last 5 years. The TDaP must also have been received at age 19 or older. A “Td” is not acceptable.
  2. Negative tuberculosis skin test (PPD) within the last year.  A two-step test is required for incoming semester one students. The second PPD can be administered 1-3 weeks after the first dose.  If you have a positive reaction to a PPD test, or have had one in the past, you must get a chest x-ray and submit a note from your health care provider stating the results of the x-ray and any therapy instituted. The QuantiFERON blood test can be done instead of the PPD skin test or chest x-ray.
  3. Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR).  Immunity may be confirmed by evidence of two MMR immunizations or a positive titer.  
  4. Hepatitis B.  A series of three vaccinations administered within a year is required.  Immunity may alternatively be demonstrated by providing a positive titer.
  5. Chicken pox (varicella).  You will already have immunity to varicella if you contracted the disease as a child.  To confirm immunity, you must show evidence of a positive titer. Two doses of the vaccine are required to fulfill the requirement in lieu of a titer.
  6. Annual influenza vaccination: The flu shot must be completed by the time the campus flu clinics are finished if beginning in Fall. Students entering in Spring must have their flu shot completed by the deadline outlined in the semester one packet.
  7. Vaccination against meningitis is strongly recommended for college students but is not required.

Other Requirements 

CPR Certification 

All students are required to take a “Professional Rescuer” Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) course for healthcare providers.  This certification is offered by the American Heart Association or the Red Cross in many communities and hospitals.  Courses are available from other organizations but they must be for health care providers.  The course must cover one and two-man CPR, infant resuscitation, and obstructed airway.  

Health Insurance 
Health or Medical Insurance is required throughout the program.

Auto Insurance 
All students traveling to clinical sites must possess auto insurance in their name.