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Graduates of the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program, depending on the option taken, are prepared for two different roles. Students completing the nurse educator option have a clinical focus in adult health and are prepared to function in the roles of educator and adult health clinician to enhance nursing education and health care delivery in rural as well as urban areas. This includes the ability to perceive the need for change and to effectively design and implement programs as well as conduct research that can result in change at local, regional and national levels.

Students completing the nursing leadership option expand their knowledge in areas such as leadership, management, research, and health care finance so that they are better prepared to hold influential health advisory positions at the organizational and system level. Students apply this new knowledge through a mentored clinical practicum focused on leadership and management.

Both the Nurse Educator and Nursing Leadership options comprise a 30 unit curriculum. Theoretical course content is delivered online. Each option have required practicum hours that are not delivered online. These hours can usually be completed by working closely with an identified experienced nurse educator or an experienced nurse leader in the student’s home community. A four unit practicum course requires 180 hours of time with the identified nurse mentor.