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School of Nursing

Pre-Nursing Advising

Advising Sessions

Pre-Nursing Group Advising are held at the following times found in the table below.

Zoom #: 576 086 9831
Password: 230553
Pre-Nursing Group Advising Schedule


Note: Due to limited time and the size of the group, your preparation ahead of the advising session will enable you to maximize the advising session experience.

Office Hours
Prenursing zoom meetings will start after the spring break.  Please read the information on the School of Nursing homepage and/or attend a peer navigation session (their schedule is on the homepage) before attending the session.  There is a lot of information there that may answer your question(s).  The focus will be on the new point system starting with fall 2021 application for spring 2022 admission to the program. If you have any questions not answered on the homepage, please attend a peer navigation session. If they are not able to answer your question, they can give you the prenursing email address to contact me.  Phyllis

BSN Program Eligibility

  • To be eligible to apply for the BSN Program, students must meet all of our admission criteria, as listed in Admission Criteria and TEAS Test Information (PDF).
  • Students must also take the TEAS Test. The CSU, Chico School of Nursing does not proctor the TEAS test. Visit ATI(opens in new window) for more information on the TEAS test. 
  • Students who already have a Bachelor's degree may apply for the Basic BSN Program. 

BSN Program Admission

The School of Nursing assesses students using a points-based system, where the top 40 students with the most points are offered seats in the program.

Before applying to the School of Nursing, all students should review our:

How to Apply

To apply for the program, you need to complete two separate applications. 

The CSU, Chico and NursingCAS applications are separate and have their own processes and deadlines. For specific deadlines, visit How to Apply(opens in new window).

Students MUST submit their official transcripts (and AP scores, if applicable) to BOTH Cal State Apply AND NursingCAS. 

BSN Program Tuition and Fees

This is a full-time program and students pay full-time tuition fees throughout the five semesters. For current Chico State tuition, visit Tuition & Registration Fees(opens in new window).

Students in the BSN program must pay added costs which include course fees, books, supplemental learning materials, scrubs, supplies, and costs associated with travel and meeting clinical requirements. A sample breakdown of expenses is being developed and will be posted to this web page soon.

More Information

If you have unanswered questions about the program, visit Frequently Asked Questions(opens in new window).

For specific questions and advising, visit Pre-Nurse Advising Sessions and Office Hours(opens in new window)

Program Info and Statistics

Before contacting the pre-nursing advisor, please review our Program Information and Statistics list items.

 How to prepare for the Group Advising Sessions:

1) Review the information provided on the Pre-Nursing webpage prior to attending the Group Advising Sessions.

2) Prepare a list of your questions. Check the FAQ page to see if the answer to your questions are already given on this page. Here is the FAQ link:

3) Optional: You can also reach out to the Chico State Nursing Club to connect with nursing students and other pre-nursing students for mentorship and support. Peer Navigators are also available to answer questions about the point system and how to strengthen your application. Here is their link:

Individual Advising Sessions may be arranged, if needed, after attending a Pre-Nursing Group Advising Session. Details to arrange an Individual Advising Session will be provided during the Group Advising Session.

Types of Advising

Academic and Program Advising

The pre-nursing advisor offers individual and Group Advising Sessions for Freshman and Continuing Students, as well as Transfer Students. 

Peer Navigators

We encourage prospective students to visit a Peer Navigator in the gallery in Trinity Hall. Peer Navigators are current nursing students in the Chico State Nursing Club(opens in new window) who volunteer to answer questions about the nursing program and the application process. They are available on a drop-in basis. 

Nursing Club Peer Navigator Schedule(opens in new window)

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  • New and Continuing Chico State Students

    Due to the vast number of pre-nursing students, individual advising sessions are limited.

    All students considering applying to the CSU, Chico nursing program should review the program info and statistics links above, and attend a Group Advising Session, schedule below. 

    Time is allotted during scheduled advising sessions to answer individual questions. You do not need to pre-register for on-campus sessions.

  • Transfer Students

    Virtual Advising Sessions for Transfers are scheduled for transfer students not currently attending CSU Chico.

    Sign Up For Virtual Advising

    Spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis. You will be emailed an invitation and instructions on how to access the session using your computer or cellular device.

    All students considering applying to the CSU, Chico nursing program should review the program info and statistics links above.

    The Virtual Advising Schedule is listed below. 

  • High School Seniors

    Would you like to speak with the Pre-Nursing advisor? Please refer to the Zoom meeting schedule below to participate in an advising session.