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Frequently Asked Questions

We have organized a list of our most frequently asked questions into three major categories: the application process, nursing admission requirements, and the points system. Each category contains subcategories. Some categoreis may overlap, so please browse all sections for your question! We will refer to the Basic BSN Program as the "Nursing Program".

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Application Process

Contains info on Applying to CSU, Chico and The Supplemental NursingCAS Application.

Applying to CSU, Chico

Q. I am in the Cal State Apply online application, but I don’t see how to designate Pre-Nursing. Do I select the Nursing major, even though I have not yet applied or been accepted to the Nursing Program?

A. Yes. By selecting the Nursing major, you are automatically placed in Pre-Nursing as a holding pattern until you are accepted to the program.

Q. As a freshman, when do I apply to the Nursing Program?

A. You have about three semesters of nursing prerequisite courses to take before you will be eligible to apply to the Nursing Program. Use this time to attend an on-campus advising session to learn how to prepare for nursing and to evaluate when you should actually throw your name in the hat.

Q. I already have a bachelor’s degree in another major. Can I apply for a second bachelor’s degree in nursing? 

A. Yes. CSU campuses accept second bachelor’s degree candidates (post baccalaureates/”postbacs”) when applying to nursing programs.

Q. As a transfer student/second degree applicant, do I have to be accepted to the university before I can submit my NursingCAS application? 

A. No. Apply to the university through Cal State Apply, but you do not have to be accepted to submit your NursingCAS application.

Q. I just received an acceptance notification from the CSU, Chico Office of Admissions. Does this mean I have been accepted to the Nursing Program?

A.  Sorry, no. In addition to being accepted at Chico State, you must apply to the Nursing Program through our supplemental online NursingCAS application. You will be evaluated on a points-based system. If you meet our point cutoff, you will be offered a seat, which you may either accept or decline. Only when you accept the offer will you become a nursing student in the Nursing Program.

The Supplemental NursingCAS Application

Q. Why am I not finding your school listed in NursingCAS?         

A. You must wait for the application to open. When applying for a fall semester, the application will open early January. When applying for a spring semester, the application will open mid-August.

Q. When is the deadline for the NursingCAS application?

A. When applying for a spring semester, usually around October 8. When applying for a fall semester, usually around March 1. Exact deadline dates are indicated within the NursingCAS application.

Q. I already entered my college coursework in my Cal State Apply application. Must I also enter all of it again in my NursingCAS application?

A.  Yes. The CSU, Chico Office of Admissions uses the same online company as the School of Nursing, so they may seem similar, but the operations are separate.

Q. Must I submit official transcripts to NursingCAS?

A. Yes. NursingCAS verifies that the coursework you entered in your NursingCAS application exactly matches your official transcript(s). When they match, NursingCAS notes your application as “verified.”

Q. How do I submit my official transcripts to NursingCAS?

Once you have entered your colleges attended in the Academic History section of your NursingCAS application, select “Download the Transcript Request Form (Transcript Matching Form).” Follow your college’s instructions for how best to provide the form to them when ordering your official transcripts to be sent to NursingCAS. The NursingCAS mailing address is provided on the form. Note that if you request overnight delivery, you will need to update the form to the street address for NursingCAS, as overnight carriers cannot deliver to their post office address.

Q. I have already applied to another nursing program through NursingCAS, so my official transcripts are already on record with them. To apply to the Chico State Nursing Program, do I need to submit another set of official transcripts?

A. Once you designate Chico State University’s nursing program in NursingCAS, the School of Nursing will have access to your official transcripts. Note that if you are a transfer student, you will also need to send official transcripts to the CSU, Chico Office of Admissions. If you are an applicant who already earned a bachelor’s degree from a university other than CSU, Chico, wait for instructions from the Office of Admissions to learn when to submit official transcripts, since your academic record is contingent on whether you get into the program.

Q. Do I send official transcripts to the School of Nursing?

A. Never! Please do not send transcripts to the School of Nursing. We outsource our transcript review to NursingCAS. For university admissions purposes, if you are sending official transcripts to Chico State, they must be addressed to the CSU, Chico Office of Admissions.

Q. I applied to your Nursing Program, but I didn't get in. Can I re-apply? How many times can I apply? Can I use the same documents?

A. You can apply as often as you wish. As a re-applicant, NursingCAS allows you to carry over your official course entry and transcripts to a new application period. You may use documentation previously submitted for foreign language, volunteer or health-related work experience points, but you will need to re-attach this documentation to your NursingCAS application. Be sure the documentation complies with the current admission requirements, which may have changed since your last application. 

Q. I am a current LVN. How do I apply to your Advanced Placement program in nursing?

A.  You must apply to Nursing Program as any other applicant. If you are admitted to the program, you may request to test out of certain nursing subject matter approved by the School of Nursing Director. If you show sufficient knowledge of, and experience with the subject matter, you may be approved to advance to a later semester, if there is space.

Nursing Admissions Requirements

Contains info on Course Requirements, Grade Forgiveness, and TEAS Tests. 

Course Requirements

Q. I already earned a bachelor’s degree in another major. A critical thinking course was not required. Do I still need to take a critical thinking course to apply to your nursing program? Do your recency requirements apply to me?

A. Yes. All Nursing Program applicants must meet all admission criteria. 

Q. I took a lifespan course at my local junior college, but I don’t see it listed on in new window) as a transferable course for your nursing program. Is it still an acceptable substitute?

A. We accept all lifespan courses as substitute courses for our child/human development requirement, even if they are not listed on in new window)

Q. Do you accept online courses?

A.  Yes, including online science labs. However, they must be taken through a regionally accredited institution for California. Please consult with the pre-nursing advisor prior to enrolling in a course with an online science lab. 

Grade Forgiveness

Q. I received a failing grade that I repeated for forgiveness and earned a passing grade. Do I need to enter my failing grade in my NursingCAS application?

A.  Absolutely. Though you have received forgiveness, we will still average the failing grade with the new grade when assessing points.

Q. I received forgiveness for a failing grade and it was removed from my cumulative GPA calculation. How do I request to override the cumulative GPA generated by NursingCAS, and have you accept the higher GPA on my official transcript?

A. Obtain official verification from the college where you took the course which identifies the course or courses were forgiven, and upload it to the Documents section of your NursingCAS application.

Q. I need to verify forgiveness of my failing grade, but my college registrar does not provide this type of documentation. How else can I verify this?

A. We will also accept a letter from an academic advisor in another unit that can access and verify this for you.

Q. Do you count AP test credit? How do I document it?

A. Yes. Upload your unofficial AP test score report from the College Board to the Test Score Report section of your NursingCAS application, located under the Documents tab. Currently enrolled Chico State students may substitute the report from the College Board with a screenshot of their Transfer Credit Report from their student portal account. The test score must be a three or higher to be valid.

Q. How do you score AP test credit?

A.  If the AP test credit is for a prerequisite course, such as English and Statistics, we will select the two highest letter grades for your other completed Foundation (Area A) courses for points.  We cannot use IP (in-progress) or CR (credit) references for scoring points.

Q. Can I have a prerequisite course in-progress at the time I am applying?

A. Yes. At the time of application, you may have up to two prerequisite foundation courses and up to two prerequisite science courses in progress. 

Q. My English class is 10 years old. Will you still accept it?

A. Yes. Our seven-year recency requirement only pertains to the science prerequisites and statistics.

TEAS Tests

Q. What are your restrictions for taking the TEAS?

A. Currently there are no restrictions on the number of TEAS tests students may take or minimum time between TEAS tests.

Q. I don't see Chico State School of Nursing listed as a location to send my TEAS result to. How do I submit my TEAS result?

A. From your ATI account, place an order for your result to be sent to Chico State University. This is connected to our School of Nursing email. 

Q. Must my TEAS result be submitted by the same deadline date as my NursingCAS application?

A. Absolutely.

Q. For how long is my TEAS result valid?

A. Up to two years.

Q. How do I report my TEAS score in my NursingCAS application?

A. In the Academic History portion of your application, select “Standardized Tests.”  Scroll down to the TEAS section, select the edit tool and enter your scoring.

Q. What if I submit multiple TEAS results? Do you take the highest score or average them?

A. You may submit multiple scores. We will use the highest result received by the application deadline.

Points System

Contains General Info, Health-Related Work Experience and Volunteer Hours. 

General Info

Q.  I am re-applying to the Nursing Program. Can I re-use the point verification letters I submitted with my previous NursingCAS application?

A. Yes, as long as they remain within the current recency requirement and comply with our current instructions. 

Q. I have a course in-progress, how is it scored on my nursing application?

A. We cannot use IP (in-progress) or CR (credit) references for scoring points. We will assess the letter grades received in the category and select the two highest for points.  

Q. When more than one applicant has the same point total, how are they ranked?

A. In addition to point total, we rank applicants by cumulative GPA. Other tie-breaking factors are used, including the ATI TEAS score, if necessary.

Health-related Work Experience

Q. What duties are required to earn the point for an unlicensed caregiver?

A. Duties need to be patient care related, such as assisting with feeding, bathing, and administering medications. The patient or an individual responsible for their overall welfare will need to provide a letter describing these duties.

Q. I am an unlicensed caregiver hired by a family member of the individual I care for. My letter will not be on business letterhead. Will you still accept it?

A. In this circumstance, yes. However, the person responsible for writing the letter must include their name, address, and contact information on the letter.

Foreign Languages

Q. I will be in my fourth semester of a college-level foreign language course at the time of application. Can I earn language points with this course in-progress?

A. No. To earn the points, two full years of college-level foreign language must be completed with a passing grade by the time of application.

Q. Can a Seal of Biliteracy earn four points?

A. No. The only way to earn four points is to provide verification from an instructor of the language, who can conduct an oral evaluation to confirm your fluency.

Q. I cannot find a language instructor for the foreign language I speak. How else can I verify my level of proficiency?

A. There are virtual-based language verification processes available. Check with our pre-nursing advisor for approval of the service you wish to use, prior to arranging the oral interview.

Q. What should my letter verifying foreign language proficiency say?

A. Your instructor should indicate that you were orally evaluated and were able to demonstrate either an intermediate proficiency or fluency in the language. You do not have to validate written proficiency.

Volunteer Hours

Q.  How do I obtain volunteer hours and how do I document them?

A. We like to see you seek out a non-profit agency or something within the healthcare field, though this is not required. The entity you volunteer for must provide a letter describing how you helped, the dates you volunteered, the total number of hours you volunteered, date and sign it.

Q. If I volunteer more than 60 hours, will I earn more points?

A. Sorry, no.

Q. Can I use community service hours from high school for my nursing application? How do I document them?

A. If the hours are indicated on your high school transcript, upload an unofficial copy of the transcript. Otherwise, the high school must provide a letter verifying your community service time, including total number of hours.