Office of Academic Personnel

Adobe Sign Electronic Routing

Templates Created

  • Academic Appointment Forms (AAF)
  • Academic Change Forms (ACF)
  • Adjunct Faculty Application
  • Affirmation Statement
  • Application for Leave of Absence without Pay
  • Application for Sabbatical or DIP Leave
  • Classroom Observation Summary
  • Emeritus Recommendation
  • Faculty Request for AWTU
  • File Closure Form
  • Intent to FERP Form
  • Market Salary Increase Application
  • Moving & Relocation Approval
  • Notification of Intent to FERP
  • Request for Change in Leave of Absence with Pay
  • Request for Change in FERP Period of Employment
  • Request for Additional or Outside Employment while on Sabbatical or DIP Leave
  • Request for Information following Leave
  • Request for Use of Professional Development Funds
  • Special Consultant Agreement & Worksheet, SC Timesheet

 Where do I go for help with Adobe Sign? (PDF)