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People Admin Log-in(opens in new window)

  • Enter your CSU, Chico username (not email) and password
  • In the User Group dropdown menu (upper right corner), select Search Committee Member or Hiring Manager
  • On the following screen, locate the More Options menu (three dots on upper left corner) and select Hire
  • On the following screen, locate the blue menu bar and select Postings > Faculty
    The CSU will require faculty, staff, and students who are accessing campus facilities to be immunized against COVID-19. This requirement will be effective at the beginning of the Fall 2021 term, or upon the full Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of one or more vaccines, whichever occurs first. The systemwide policy is currently under development. Selected candidates should be prepared to comply with this requirement. Questions can be sent to: (staff and management positions) or (faculty positions).


Recruitment Procedures

Tenure-track Recruitment Steps (PDF) updated 9/15/2021

Recruitment Manual (PDF) updated 10/3/2018

Background Check Information(opens in new window)

Faculty Recruitment Document Retention Procedure (PDF)

Previous Quicksteps for reference:

Recruitment Quicksteps (PDF) updated 9/17/2020

Recruitment Flowchart (PDF) updated 2/28/2020

Recruitment Forms & Sample Documents

Approval – Recruitment Outreach Form (Part-Time Faculty) (PDF)
Applicant Flow Log (Part-Time Faculty) (XLS)
Advertising Temporary Faculty Recruitment Pools
Document A-Sample Ad (DOC)
Document B-International Ad (DOC)
Document C-Direct Mail Efforts (DOC)
Document D-Directory (DOC)
Document E-Direct Mail Nomination (DOC)
Document F-Applicant Acknowledgement (DOC)Document Fa-Self ID Form (PDF) 

Document G-Applicant Elimination (DOC)
Document H-Confirmation of Interview Invitation (DOC)
Document I-Candidate Update (DOC)
Document J-Search Cancellation (DOC)

Form 1 - Recruitment Authorization Form(opens in new window)

Form 2 - Screening and Selection Criteria (DOC)

Form 3 - Vacancy Announcement(opens in new window)

Form 3b - Short Ad Template (DOC)

Form 4 - Applicant Flow Log (DOC)

Form 7 - Interview Authorization Form (opens in new window)

Form 8 - Employment Education Information Release (DOC)

Form 9 - Reference Check for Final Candidates (DOC)

Form 10 - Education Verification for Final Candidates(opens in new window)

Form 11 - Authorization to Extend Offer (opens in new window)

Form 12 - Tenure-Track Academic Year Offer Letter (Contact OAPL for template)
Form 13 - Tenure-Track Academic Year Offer Letter - ABD (Contact OAPL for template)
Form 14 - Dean's Search Summary (DOC)

Position Applications

Temporary Lecturer Application for Employment (PDF)
For all Academic Employment: Faculty, Coach, Librarian, Counselor
Graduate Assistants (GA) (PDF)
Teaching Associates (TA) (PDF)
Instructional Student Assistants (ISA) (PDF)

Outside Employment

Outside Employment Disclosure Form (Appendix G (PDF))