Office of Academic Personnel

Lecturer Range Elevations


Lecturer faculty (excluding coaching faculty unit employees) who (1) are not eligible for more Service Salary Increases (SSIs) in their current range, and (2) have been employed in their current range for at least five years are eligible for range elevation.

Additionally, in Academic and Fiscal Years 2022/23, and 2023/24, lecturers and temporary librarian faculty unit employees with six or more years Full Time Adjusted Service (FTAS) in their current range shall be eligible to apply for range elevation. For each Academic or Fiscal Year, FTAS is defined as the average Full Time Equivalent (FTE) over the Academic or Fiscal Year, divided by 0.8, up to a maximum of 1.0 for the year.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Criteria for range elevation for lecturer faculty (excluding coaching faculty unit employees) shall be appropriate to lecturer work assignments (CBA 12.19).
  • For elevation to the range of lecturer B or above, the individual must have achieved professional growth and development since the initial appointment or last range elevation, whichever is more recent.
  • Professional growth and development for lecturer range elevation eligibility is defined as “teaching excellence and maintaining currency in the field” unless the faculty member’s work assignment includes duties besides instruction. Departments/Units shall clearly define teaching excellence and maintaining currency in the field in their personnel policy documents.
  • Accumulated teaching experience alone is not considered “teaching excellence” sufficient for range elevation.
  • “Maintaining currency in the field” shall be defined in a way that is appropriate to the instructional and non-instructional elements of the work assignment.
  • Department policies defining range elevation criteria shall not require the lecturer to obtain a Ph.D., or other terminal degree, nor perform any other activity not reasonably related to their work assignment. (Note that research and/or obtaining a degree may be considered in the evaluation for range elevation.)

Application Process

Lecturer Range Elevation Application Form (PDF)

Lecturer Range Elevation Box Guide for College Staff (PDF)

Lecturers who met the eligibility criteria will be notified towards the beginning of the spring semester. Eligible lecturers should notify their dean’s office and department chair as soon as possible if they wish to apply. The dean’s office will set up a Box folder for the applicant to upload supporting materials. After the supporting materials have been uploaded, the applicant should then submit the Lecturer Range Elevation Application Form to their dean’s office. The form will be routed through AdobeSign for the appropriate signatures.

The application shall consist of a written letter or memorandum clearly stating the applicant‘s request, a complete up-to-date vita, and documentation of teaching excellence and currency in the field since the initial appointment or last range elevation, whichever is more recent. Although not required, the documentation may include a description of other activities or accomplishments that contribute to the instructional mission of the University.

Spring 2023 Process Timeline

Pursuant to CBA 12.18, lecturers who met the eligibility criteria will be notified thirty (30) days prior to the commencement of the annual campus range elevation process. In that notification, the campus shall inform the lecturers that receipt of a previous Faculty Merit Increase may affect their eligibility for range elevation.

Eligible individuals must apply for range elevation by March 10, 2023. Applications and accompanying materials must be uploaded to the applicant’s range elevation Box folder.

The department personnel committee and department chair will upload their recommendations to the applicant’s range elevation Box folder no later than April 10, 2023.

The College Dean shall make a decision and notify the applicant in writing no later than April 24, 2023.

Pursuant to CBA 12.16, range elevation increases shall be effective at the beginning of the next academic year following the decision granting range elevation.

Range elevation for lecturers shall be accompanied by advancement of at least five percent (5%) on the salary schedule (CBA 31.6).

Range Elevation Denial Appeals

Range elevation applications that are denied may be appealed pursuant to Article 12 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Appeals shall be submitted to the Office of Academic Personnel. Appeals will be reviewed by a Peer Review Panel, which will hear the appeals of any lecturers denied range elevation during that fiscal year. The Peer Review Panel shall convene and review the case within thirty (30) days. The Peer Review Panel shall render a decision within thirty days of hearing the case. The Peer Review Panel’s decision is final and binding on the parties.