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Office of Academic Personnel

Faculty Recruitment


People Admin Log-in(opens in new window)

  • Enter your CSU, Chico username (not email) and password
  • In the User Group dropdown menu (upper right corner), select Search Committee Member or Hiring Manager
  • On the following screen, locate the More Options menu (three dots on upper left corner) and select Hire
  • On the following screen, locate the blue menu bar and select Postings > Faculty


Recruitment Procedures

Recruitment Manual (PDF) updated 10/3/18

Recruitment Quicksteps (PDF) updated 9/17/20 

Recruitment Flowchart updated 2/28/2020 (PDF)

Background Check Information(opens in new window)

Faculty Recruitment Document Retention Procedure (PDF)

Recruitment Forms & Sample Documents

Approval – Recruitment Outreach Form (Part-Time Faculty) (PDF)
Applicant Flow Log (Part-Time Faculty) (XLS)
Advertising Temporary Faculty Recruitment Pools
Document A-Sample Ad (DOC)
Document B-International Ad (DOC)
Document C-Direct Mail Efforts (DOC)
Document D-Directory (DOC)
Document E-Direct Mail Nomination (DOC)
Document F-Applicant Acknowledgement (DOC)Document Fa-Self ID Form (PDF) 

Document G-Applicant Elimination (DOC)
Document H-Confirmation of Interview Invitation (DOC)
Document I-Candidate Update (DOC)
Document J-Search Cancellation (DOC)

Form 1 - Recruitment Authorization Form(opens in new window)

Form 2 - Screening and Selection Criteria (DOC)

Form 3 - Vacancy Announcement(opens in new window)

Form 3b - Short Ad Template (DOC)

Form 4 - Applicant Flow Log (DOC)

Form 7 - Interview Authorization Form (opens in new window)

Form 8 - Employment Education Information Release (DOC)

Form 9 - Reference Check for Final Candidates (DOC)

Form 10 - Education Verification for Final Candidates(opens in new window)

Form 11 - Authorization to Extend Offer (opens in new window)

Form 12 - Tenure-Track Academic Year Offer Letter (Contact OAPL for template)
Form 13 - Tenure-Track Academic Year Offer Letter - ABD (Contact OAPL for template)
Form 14 - Dean's Search Summary (DOC)

Position Applications

Temporary Lecturer Application for Employment (PDF)
For all Academic Employment: Faculty, Coach, Librarian, Counselor
Graduate Assistants (GA) (PDF)
Teaching Associates (TA) (PDF)
Instructional Student Assistants (ISA) (PDF)

Outside Employment

Outside Employment Disclosure Form (Appendix G (PDF))