Office of Accessible Technology and Services


OATS Supports the Campus with the Following Services:

Textbooks in Alternative Format

Request Textbooks in Alternative Formats(opens in new window)

Students requesting alternate formats of their textbooks may submit a ticket to this office. Please ensure you have your class schedule for this semester and your proof of purchase. If you have not purchased your books yet, you may continue with the ticket submission. We ask that you provide proof of purchase as soon as possible.

Please note: For liability purposes, if we have not received any proof of purchase by the third week of the semester, we will have to take the books out of your account.

Captioning Support

Request Captioning Support Service(opens in new window)

The Office of Accessible Technology and Services has established a process to support Chico State in creating accessible video and audio files by adding closed captions and transcripts.

Along with being a support center to aide in the creation of closed captions and transcripts, the OATS office is also available as an education center to help teach you how to edit/create your own captions is you choose to do so. For support, submit a request using the captioning services link. We look forward to working with you!

Web Design & Support - Accessible Content

Request Content Accessibility and Remediation(opens in new window)

As an employee of the university, you are required to comply with the University's accessibility standards. Submit your PDFs and Word Docs to OATS for review and remediation before you publish online or use as course materials.

Full List of Web Related Accessibility Tickets(opens in new window)

Blackboard Ally

Blackboard Ally Support(opens in new window)

Blackboard Ally is a tool which scans for and remediates accessibility issues in our learning management system (LMS).