Off-Campus Student Services

Housing Connections

Wildcat Off Campus Housing Connections represents property owners and property managers who are currently providing off-campus rental housing in the Chico community and historically work alongside the University to ensure student success with their off campus housing experience.

Wildcat Connections participants recognize the Chico State Rental Housing Certification Program and accept the program’s Certificate of Completion during their application process. Typically these providers participate in annual campus housing events, market their properties through various campus media channels, maintain open and ongoing lines of communication with the University’s office of Off-Campus Student Services, and keep abreast of and assist in the communication of campus activities.

California State University, Chico provides no endorsement, recommendation, or opinion either expressed or implied as to the quality, condition, leasing terms, or any other aspects of the rental properties provided by Wildcat Connections. 

You are encouraged to conduct your own detailed analysis relating to all aspects of off-campus housing, neighborhoods, and specific lease terms associated with any property you are investigating.

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