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The City of Chico

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Important City Ordinances

Campus-area neighborhoods are home to students, families and other non-student members of the community. The City of Chico works hand in hand with the University to ensure that the entire community is afforded quiet, peaceful, and safe neighborhoods.   

With that in mind, the Unruly Gathering Ordinance and Excessive Noise Ordinance were adopted by the City of Chico to foster safe and enjoyable neighborhoods throughout the community. For your reference, all city ordinances(opens in new window) are included in this link. 

Fire Safety (the "couch ordinance")

Couch in a porchIn response to outbreaks of arson and unintended patio fires, the Municipal Code was amended to prohibit the use of any combustible furniture on outside patios and lawns visible from the public right-of-way.  Therefore couches, chairs, mattresses, futons and other furniture not designed or intended for outdoor use are prohibited and residents are subject to substantial fines (and prosecution up to a felony) if furniture on your porch is attributed to an arson-caused fire.