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About North Campus

The “north campus” student neighborhood is typically described as the area beginning on the West Sacramento Avenue edge of campus and bordered by North Cedar Street to the west and the Esplanade to the east.  A greater concentration of student housing is the area bordered by North Cedar Street to the west and Warner Street to the east including West Sacramento Avenue, Rancheria, West First Avenue, West Second Avenue, and West Forth Avenue. This area includes single-family homes and smaller apartment communities. 

For many years, the north campus neighborhoods were not actually in the Chico city limits so infrastructure (sidewalks and lighting) have not been developed to the degree of other campus-area neighborhoods. This area is very close to campus yet given the lack of commercial and entertainment activity, it is typically a quieter neighborhood with not the degree of concentration of students as "south campus".  Additional student-focused living is currently under construction in the heart of this neighborhood along North Cedar Street and the student population is expected to increase.

Fun Fact

The City founders made street naming a bit of a challenge by assigning numbers to both south campus (streets) and north campus (avenues). As an example, West Fourth Street is south of campus, and West Forth Avenue is considered north campus.  So, when ordering a pizza, make sure you specify whether you live on Fourth Street or Fourth Avenue or you may be faced with a cold dinner!

North Campus Properties

room availableAvailability for Fall 2021
pets okPets are permitted in this property

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