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Off-Campus Student Services


Welcome to the Off-Campus Student Services Virtual Housing Fair.  Typically, we offer a fall and spring housing fair in the courtyard outside Sutter and Whitney Hall. During the event, housing providers attend and answer questions and take applications for the next school year. With the challenges associated with COVID-19, this year off-campus housing providers will be standing by via Zoom to answer your questions and if desired, take you through the application process. 

Housing, and where you choose to live as a student, is one of the key components of your overall student experience. Who you live with, and where you live, can help to shape your preferences and priorities as a student. For anyone who is considering living off-campus, the Chico State Virtual Housing Fair serves as a dedicated program to assist. There are so many off-campus housing options to choose from, whether they are apartments, cozy duplexes, or a house on Ivy St., the leasing process may be confusing, and it might be the first time you’ve had to sign a lease of your own. If you have any questions or just want to explore the variety of off-campus housing options that are available to you, we welcome you to this virtual housing fair experience.

In order to provide you with the best and most efficient experience, please search by region or by property management company to find the best housing option for you!