New Student Orientation & Transition Programs

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Student

1. Are you going to class? Skipping class is the #1 reason why students fail.

2. Are you studying at least 25 hours per week? College is a full time job. Students should be in class, studying, doing homework 40 hours per week.

3. Are you reviewing the material in each class weekly? Students should review all material each week. This makes preparing for final exams is easier.

4. Are you scheduling your “down time”? Everyone needs down time, but students need to learn how to manage their down time.

5. Are you starting your assignments early? The unexpected get sick, your computer dies. Start assignments with plenty of time for the UNEXPECTED.

6. Have you seen your advisor? Students should meet with their advisor at least once per semester.

7. Have you visited your professor during office hours? Professors like to help students. Office hours can typically be found in the course syllabus.

8. Are you going to tutoring? Any student who needs help with class material should seek tutoring.

9. Have you formed a study group for your upcoming exam (s)? Studying complex material can be more efficient with a study group.

10. Are you making friends and/or getting involved on campus? Students going from a smaller school (high school or community college) into a university setting can feel isolated or lonely. Getting to know other students and participating in university sponsored activities is a great way for students to adjust to their new setting.


Did you know? You can’t have access to your student’s grades and records. Many parents do not understand why they cannot have access to information. “But I’m paying for my student’s education!” is a common statement. The University is bound to protect the privacy rights of all students. This means that records and personal information can only be released to the student. Encourage your son or daughter to share with you how they are doing in their classes.