Student Center Guest User

Guest User Instructions

Students can create an online Guest User account for parents, guardians, and third parties granting access to their student financial and academic information. Access may include student account balances, class schedule, financial aid, and application status.

Guest User Access

Terms of Use

Guest User accounts must be authorized by the student.  Student information is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and students may restrict or revoke access to their student records at any time.

Note:  Guest User access does not replace the Authorization to Release Information permission.  University staff require the student to provide an Authorization to Release Information prior to providing any student information regardless of the existence of a Guest User account. Students can add the authorization using the Authorization to Release link located in the Student Records menu in the Student Center.

Only the student can authorize or change Guest User access

Parents, guardians, and third parties are subject to the University's Acceptable Use Policy for Computer and Network Resources. CSU, Chico administrators may decline to provide the requested information if it is determined that disclosure would be detrimental to the student-institution relationship or impede University operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Guest User access?

Guest User access allows parents or guardians to view the following student information for enrolled and admitted students:

  • Class Schedule
  • Financial Aid Award
  • Account Details
  • Application Status
  • Contact Information
  • Shopping Cart

Accounts are created and maintained by the student. It is at the student's discretion to select the information that will be available to each individual user. The student may also change or remove access at any time.

How does a parent or guardian get an account?

The student adds a Guest User using the Manage Guests link under Student Records in the Student Center and selects the user permissions and saves.  The next day, the Guest User will receive an email with instructions how to create an account.  The student will receive an email notifying them that a guest user was added and the access authorized.

What if the parent or guardian has more than one CSU, Chico student?

Each student must add the parent or guardian as their own Guest User and the parent or guardian will need to create an account for each student. 

Why is the student the only one who can set up the account?

Access to confidential student information is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). It is the student's right to decide to share their student record information with others. CSU, Chico staff can answer questions about the Guest User account setup, but are not authorized to reset passwords or provide access.

What is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)?

 What is the Policy on Use of Computing and Communications Technology?

I have a question about my student’s information. Can I call the university?

CSU, Chico staff is not authorized to discuss over the phone or in person, student information that is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) without written authorization from the student for the requesting party. Students can add the authorization using the Authorization to Release link located in the Student Records menu in the Student Center.

Can student registration fees be paid through Guest User access?

Yes. Student registration fees may be paid through Guest User access, provided the student has authorized financial account access. You must know the student's Chico State ID number and birth date in order to do so.

I am not the parent—can I get an account?

Yes. Students can grant access to persons other than a parent, if they choose to do so.

Do Guest User accounts expire?

Yes, accounts expire when the student graduates or stops attending CSU, Chico.

Do Guest User passwords expire?

Yes, passwords do expire independent of the student password expirations.

What happens if a parent or guardian delays initializing an account?

The student must request a new password by selecting the Send Password option for the Guest User.  If the student graduates or stops attending, the Guest User account will be purged.


What should a parent or guardian do if they have not received the User ID and password email notifications?

Check the junk mail folder or contact the student. The student provided an email address for the parent when authorizing access and can verify the email address in the Manage Guests page. If the student entered an incorrect email address, they can update the email address.  An email will be sent to the parent or guardian the following day with instructions how to create an account.

Why can't I see the student's schedule, financial aid award, or account details?

The student has not granted access to view this information. The student can change parent or guardian access to their information at any time. Only the student may authorize access, not the university.  Check Guest User email notifications for access authorized.

I am having trouble viewing my student's information as a Guest.

Try clearing your 'Cookies'. If you have more than one Guest User account, you must close your browser before you can login under a different Guest User account

I can't login.
I can't remember my user ID.

Contact the student—the student can look up your user ID in their Student Center.