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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of parking enforcement?

Parking enforcement is from 7:30 am-10:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

When are parking permits required?

Parking permits are required 7:30 am-10:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  Permits are not required on campus holidays or weekends. Campus holidays do not always match calendar holidays. Please check with the CSU, Chico Police Department if you have a question regarding permit requirements.

Forgot your permit? 

For students, faculty and staff that have forgotten their parking permit, no matter what type you have, will be required to purchase an hourly or daily permit to park on campus. These permits can be purchased from any of the dispensers located on campus. The permit must be displayed on the dash of the vehicle in any 'G' stall ONLY.

How do I purchase a parking permit?

Semester permits are sold online through Student Financial Services.

Why do I have to pay for parking?

The parking program is wholly self-supported; there are no taxpayer funds used to fund the parking program. Your purchase of a semester, daily, or hourly permit enables the University to build and maintain the lots, provide frequent patrols to parked vehicles, and purchase supplies and equipment necessary to operate the program.

Am I guaranteed a parking space if I purchase a parking permit?

No. Because of the limited number of parking spaces at CSU, Chico, we must maximize the usage of all available parking spaces. 

Where can I park with my permit?

You can park on any of the designated areas indicated here (.pdf)

I am just going to be visiting the campus, how do I pay for parking?

Parking permits are required in all campus lots Monday-Friday, 7:30am-10pm except for campus holidays.  It is recommend you find a parking spot before purchasing a permit.  Having a permit does not guarantee a parking spot is available.

Two options are available.  The cost is $1 per hour.

  1. Passport Parking App 
  2. Permit dispensers (.pdf)

I have a disabled placard. Do I have to purchase a parking permit?

Yes. All employees and students are required to display a valid DMV disabled plate or placard AND a valid campus parking permit.

I drive a motorcycle. Where can I park?

A parking permit is required for all motorcycles parked in campus lots. Motorcycles may not park in stalls designated for use by four wheeled vehicles.

Campus motorcycle parking is currently located at:

  • Parking structure at W. 2nd and Chestnut Streets, first floor
  • Parking structure at W. 2nd and Cherry Streets, all floors
  • 1st and Orange Street

Does the campus have electric vehicle parking?

Electric vehicle parking is located on the top floor of the parking structure, W. 2nd and Chestnut.  These stalls are reserved for specific permits, 7:30am-5pm.  They are open for general use after 5pm.  A CSUC parking permit is required.

We are hosting an event on campus and want to know if parking permits are required?

Permits are required at virtually all campus events, with a few exceptions such as graduation.  If you are managing an event and have any questions about parking, please call the parking office well in advance to discuss logistics.  Our number is (530)898-4809. 

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