Parking Services

Carpool Parking

Thank you for inquiring into Carpool Parking.

Due to the limited availability of parking on campus, we appreciate your interest in an alternative transportation solution and in helping us to reduce the number of vehicles on the CSU, Chico campus.

Parking Location

Carpool parking placards are available if you live outside of Chico and have purchased a valid CSU, Chico semester parking permit. Once you have been issued and display a carpool placard, carpoolers receive preferential parking on the 1st floor of the structure at 2nd and Cherry Street (PDF) parking structure.  

Carpool spaces are limited. Parking is based on a first come first serve basis.

Carpool Permits

Carpool permits are valid in designated carpool spaces only. 

In order to qualify for a carpool permit, applicants must meet certain criteria: 

  1. Carpool privileges are not available to Chico residents.
  2. A registered carpool group must consist of at least two CSU, Chico students and/or employees sharing one car AT ALL TIMES.
  3. Each student applicant must attach a class schedule with full name on the class schedule.
  4. At least one applicant must possess a valid semester permit.
  5. Only one carpool permit will be issued per carpool group.
  6. There can be as many as four applicants per group on an application form.
  7. Applicants cannot belong to multiple carpool groups. 

Carpool Application

See application (PDF) for carpool rules and regulations.

If you are interested in applying for a carpool permit, fill out the printable application and return it to the University Police Department at the corner of W. 2nd & Chestnut Streets or by calling 530-898-5555

Each applicant must be on the same form and all student applicants must have a current class schedule attached to the application. Carpool permits must be re-submitted each semester with a minimum of two participants.