Parking Services

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking stalls require the display of a DMV issued plate or placard as well as a valid campus issued parking permit.

Parking permits are available for purchase by the hour from the Passport Parking app or from dispensers located on the first floor of each parking structure or in the Stadium Lot. Students and employees of the campus already holding a valid permit do not need to purchase additional hourly parking.

Please see the campus map for accessible parking locations (select “Accessibility” to turn on the map feature), or download an accessible parking areas map (PDF) to view accessible parking locations.

The Accessibility Resource Center (ARC)(opens in new window) may be able to offer cart services for transportation within campus or may be able to facilitate gate access to on-campus accessible parking for persons with a temporary or permanent disability. Please contact ARC for details and guidelines.

Temporary Accessible Parking 

In conjunction with a paid permit, a campus use only, 5-day temporary medical parking pass may be issued to those who provide documentation from a medical provider related to the need for temporary accessible parking accommodation.  This process can be initiated in Student Financial Services(opens in new window) located in the Student Services Center building room 230.