Public Health & Health Services Administration

Department Policies

Academic Integrity

Consequences of academic dishonesty will result in a minimum of failing the assignment and an Action Request to Student Conduct, Rights and Responsibilities. Additional sanctions may be applied at the discretion of the instructor. Students with a record of academic dishonesty will fail the class; have an Action Request submitted to Student Conduct, Rights and Responsibilities; meet with the Department Chair; and have to repeat and pass the Academic Integrity quiz.

Please read our Academic Integrity Policy & Pledge (PDF)


Pease read our writing standards policy (PDF) 

Squares varying in size, reading "Academic integrity", "Reliable", "Vision", "Sources", "Policy", "Principles", "Origin", "Guidelines", "Standards", "Honesty", "Integrity", "Fact", "Ethics", "Veracity", "Students", "Truth", "Morals".