Department of Philosophy

Theodore Geier

Lecturer - PhD. UC Davis

Ted Geier received his PhD. in Critical Theory and Comparative Literature from UC Davis in 2015, followed by a Mellon Postdoctoral post in the Rice University Humanities Research Center as an investigator on the Rice Seminars 2015-16 project, “After Biopolitics.” His primary philosophical specialties are in moral theories pertaining to animals and environmental studies, while his broader training and expertise include narrative theory, literature and film, economic-cultural analysis, American Studies, the History of Ideas, and Interdisciplinary Humanities. He is especially interested in Disney and eco-apocalyptic themes. Dr. Geier organized an animal studies research group at UC Davis and was formerly Managing Editor of Interdisciplinary Studies of Literature and Environment (Oxford UP) and Research Editor in the Harvard Law School Animal Law & Policy Program. He regularly teaches “Confronting the Animal” and “The Meaning of Life” and is currently an active faculty governance presence on the Academic Senate and various committees. Dr. Geier lives in Davis with his wife Rachel (a flutist and author who received her DMA at the University of Minnesota) and their bulldog, Peppermint Patty Melt LaBelle, Esq., where they all enjoy the year-round walkies weather.

He has published two books, an edited journal issue, and various book chapters and scholarly articles (mostly about animals and culture). For full publication information, please visit his website:
Portrait of Theodore Geier