Department of Physics


The Department of Physics has but one single mission:  to provide the highest quality undergraduate education in physics. We undertake the rigorous training of students in our discipline and assist in building a strong scientific foundation for students in other degree programs. The discipline we share with our students has value not only for the technical skills it cultivates, but also for its contribution to human culture by encouraging critical thinking, curiosity, and an open mind.


Interested in Teaching? MSTI has Scholarships!

The Mathematics and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI) at California State University, Chico is focused on recruiting students to become math and science teachers. This special scholarship program awards scholarships up to $5,000. The application for MSTI is separate from CSU Chico Wildcat Scholarship applications. Applications due March 26, 2021 at MSTI

Join the Society of Physics Students!

Do you want to connect with other physics majors/minors/enthusiasts, learn about some of the latest developments in physics, get information about research opportunities here at Chico State and around the world, and get involved in outreach activities? Then check out the Society of Physics Students page and fill out this form(opens in new window) to join up.