Department of Physics


The Department of Physics currently offers three scholarships and one award available for our students. All applications for these scholarships are handled through the Scholarships Office(opens in new window). Applications are generally due on February 15th.

The Arloe Anania-Murray Physics Scholarship
The Arloe Anania-Murray Physics Scholarship honors the memory of Arloe Anania-Murray who was the Department of Physics secretary until her death in 1989. She brightened the Department of Physics with her outgoing personality, and her work and dedication were appreciated by faculty, staff and students. This scholarship rewards scholastic achievement in physics.
The Paul G. Hewitt Scholarship for Future High School Physics Teachers
Paul G. Hewitt is the author of the best selling physics text in history, "Conceptual Physics." It is Hewitt's dedication to quality physics teaching that led him in 2001 to establish the Paul G. Hewitt Scholarship for Future High School Physics Teachers. The intent of this scholarship is to encourage those with a love for and knowledge of physics to share their enthusiasm for science by becoming high school physics teachers.
The Michael R. McGie Service Award
Michael R. McGie received his BA in Chemistry in 1957 from Chico State College. After earning his PhD he returned to Chico State to give back to the community of his origins. He was always known as someone you could count on for help. Mike's service to others represents the best of the teaching profession and this award is intended to encourage this commitment in our students.
The Floyd L. English Natural Science Scholarships
Dr. Floyd L. English was the Chief Executive Officer of Andrew Corporation and CSU Chico's first physics graduate (1959). The generosity of Dr. English makes possible the award of ten to twenty scholarships to students majoring in programs in the College of Natural Sciences each year. Annual awards range from $2,000 to $5,000, with a four-year $20,000 total award possible for freshmen.

The National Office of the Society of Physics Students offers several SPS Scholarships(opens in new window) that range from $2000 to $5000 per year.

The university also has a financial aid office that can help.