Learning Outcomes

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Students who graduate with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Physics from California State University Chico should be able to:


Goal 1

Demonstrate an understanding of basic and advanced concepts of classical and modern physics. These areas include, mechanics, electricity and magnetism, quantum mechanics, waves & optics, and thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.

Outcome 1.a  

Explain physics concepts and laws to others.

Outcome 1.b  

Apply physics knowledge to solve real-world problems.

Outcome 1.c  

Represent physical concepts and processes in multiple ways, including diagrams, graphs, mathematical equations, and verbal explanations.


Goal 2

Employ scientific reasoning to investigate the physical world.

Outcome 2.a

Build a model of physical situations, including making appropriate assumptions,simplifications, estimations, and mathematical formulations. Students should also understand the limitations of these models.

Outcome 2.b

Design and implement experiments to empirically investigate physical  phenomena including defining the problem, testing models, using instruments to make measurements, analyzing data, and drawing conclusions.

Outcome 2.c

Use computational methods to simulate, analyze, and present data from physical systems.

Outcome 2.d

Evaluate the validity of experimental and/or calculated results.


Goal 3

Communicate physics in a professional setting.

Outcome 3.a

Effectively communicate their findings and thoughts in conventional scientific style, including in writing, orally, and graphically. 


Goal 4

Demonstrate effective professional workplace skills.

Outcome 4.a

Work productively in teams.

Outcome 4.b

In the context of problem solving or conducting an investigation, recognize gaps in their knowledge and be able to marshal diverse resources to fill those gaps.

Outcome 4.c

Generate a professional network including peers, alumni, and mentors.

Outcome 4.d

Plan and manage complex projects.