Applications for PSRI 2018 are now open! Check out the PSRI flyer or click here to apply.

What is PSRI?

The Physics Summer Research Institute provides students with the opportunity to spend 10 weeks working on a mentored research project in physics or a related field. PSRI students are paid for their work and get the chance to present their research at weekly meetings of the Physics and Chemistry Summer Research Institutes, as well at national and international physics conferences. PSRI provides students with excellent research experience, preparing them for further research through off-campus summer programs, graduate school, or in industrial settings.

PSRI Alumni

Year Student Mentor
2017 Jose Luis Baranda Nicholas Nelson
2017 Michael Doris Anna Petrova-Mayor
2017 Robert Keen David Brookes
2017 Carissa Leveille Hyewon Pechkis
2017 Joseph Levine Hyewon Pechkis
2017 Victoria Lee Matthews David Brookes
2017 Jason Mickel Hyewon Pechkis
2017 William Mixter Hyewon Pechkis
2017 Austin Pollard Nicholas Nelson
2017 Kyle Rocha-Brownell Shane Mayor (GEOS)


Jared Sweatman Nicholas Nelson
2017 Daniel Wheeler Paul Arpin
2017 Kirk Williams David Brookes
2016 Sara Knudsen Anna Petrova-Mayor
2016 Charles Payne Nicholas Nelson
2016 Elizabeth Pham Gordon Wolfe (Biology)
2016 Aria Raddick
2016 Cameron Sorensen Nicholas Nelson
2015 Brandon Thacker Eric Ayars