University Planning

Current Campus Plans

Together We Will Banner on CampusStrategic Plan

California State University, Chico sees its distinctive residential context as an opportunity to create an active, diverse, healthy, caring, innovative, and green learning and working environment. Our strategic plan outlines our six strategic priorities.

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Master Plan

Kendall Hall 2018The CSU Chico 2005 Master Plan (2005 MP) describes the agreed upon plan and physical framework needed to accommodate growth and change on the CSU Chico Campus over the next ten to twenty years.

Closely tied to the University Strategic Plan, the Master Plan affi rms a compelling set of goals, none of which are more important than building a community of learning and hope worthy of the trust that our students and the people of California have placed in us.

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Academic Plan 2015-2020

University SealThe Academic Plan reflects the Division of Academic Affairs' highest values as an academic community, especially our focus on student success and academic excellence.

The Plan aligns with the mission of the California State University system and Chico State’s Strategic Priorities: improving access, ensuring high quality learning experiences, engaging students in high impact learning practices, and facilitating timely graduation.

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IT Strategic Plan

Technology enabled spaceThe Information and Technology Strategic Plan, currently in draft form, for fiscal years 2012/13 – 2017/18 identifies an ambitious yet mindful set of high level goals to be accomplished during the next five years.

Information and technology services are provided to the CSU, Chico community to support high quality learning environments and effective business processes.

The Information and Technology Strategic Plan is designed to assure that IT priorities and initiatives are identified to support CSU, Chico’s Strategic Plan for the Future, the campus Academic Plan and supporting plans for Business and Finance, Student Affairs and University Advancement.

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Diversity Action Plan

Gayle Hutchinson giving hug under the words Value DiversityFostering diversity is a core value of the CSU, Chico mission. The ‘Values’ section of its Strategic Plan for the Future includes the statement: “… we pursue diversity not just as an idea to embrace, but as a community to form.”

This value combined with the values of commitment to academic excellence; the promotion of active learning, curiosity, and service engagement; and the celebration of a distinctive institutional culture, makes diversity a key component of Chico’s comprehensive strategy for achieving institutional excellence. “Making excellence inclusive” is at the heart of our institutional vitality and viability.

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