Property Management

Campus Safety: Surplus Property Procedures

The Offices of Property Management (PM), Facilities Management & Services (FMS), and the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, would like to remind the campus community of the procedures to properly dispose of unwanted or surplus items.  Please follow these guidelines to dispose of surplus property:

All surplus property is handled by PM as follows:

  • Tagged Equipment and Property: Complete PM Transaction Form (PDF) for Surplus, Damaged, or Transferred Equipment for items that a department deems surplus.
  • Non-tagged property is also considered state surplus, however a Transaction Form is not needed.

FMS can assist departments with moving surplus property to the Warehouse, please place a work request from the FMS web site: Work Request(opens in new window)

Building Fire and Life Safety:

It is important that items designated for pick-up NOT be placed or left in corridors. The items should only be moved to the corridor on the day they are scheduled for pick-up – if you know when this is.  Note:  FMS movers normally cannot promise an exact date.