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Political Science and Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

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Mission Statement, Program Goals, and Student Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement

The mission of the Criminal Justice Bachelor of Arts Degree Program is to provide students with a multi-disciplinary course of study that emphasizes critical thinking, the ability to effectively communicate in written and oral form, a substantive and practical knowledge base in the area of criminal justice, and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Program Goals

  • Inquisitiveness: Students are able to ask critical questions about the major controversies within the discipline of criminal justice.
  • Open-mindedness: Students understand and are able to critique different problem-solving approaches that criminal justice agencies employ.
  • Judgment: Students make decisions based on evaluating and analyzing data as well as their understanding of theories of crime and justice.
  • Professionalism: Students understand the ethical dilemmas that criminal justice professionals confront.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • CJ majors critically evaluate theories, policies, and CJ professionals' actions based on empirical evidence.
  • CJ majors communicate and express themselves in a clear and professional manner.
  • CJ majors demonstrate effective written communication skills.
  • CJ majors demonstrate knowledge of policing, courts, and corrections, and theories of crime and justice.
  • CJ majors demonstrate an understanding of the diverse and multicultural nature of society.
  • CJ majors can demonstrate the ethical decision-making process in CJ professions and understand the individual, organizational, and societal implications of these decisions.
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