Political Science and Criminal Justice

International Relations

Mission Statement, Program Goals, and Student Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement

The mission of the International Relations Program is to develop and enhance in students an understanding and appreciation of the emerging problems, diversity, and interdependence of the global arena.

Program Goals

  • Graduates who have developed a world view centered on an awareness of the diversity of perspectives and life experiences that structure the global political, social, and economic environment.
  • Graduates who recognize how the diverse universe of opinions and experiences relates to and impacts the American experience.
  • Graduates who can obtain or enhance professional careers in which advanced descriptive and analytic skills and a high level of knowledge of global concepts, theories, institutions, methods, and processes.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students can describe the basic facts and concepts of international relations and can relate these to contemporary global issues.
  • Students can apply academic theories and concepts of international relations to practical issues and problems in the world around them.
  • Students can demonstrate appropriate analytical and research skills, including quantitative reasoning, to the study of international relations.
  • Students can read, speak, and write a foreign language at least through the intermediate level.
  • Students can evaluate a variety of material from diverse national and cultural perspectives.
  • Students can write and speak with sufficient clarity to convey their attitudes, knowledge, and skills.