Political Science and Criminal Justice

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Tenure-Line Faculty

Portrait of Mahalley Allen, JD, PhD
Mahalley Allen, JD, PhD
Portrait of Sally Anderson, JD
Sally Anderson, JD
Portrait of Devin Fernandes, PhD
Devin Fernandes, PhD
Portrait of Darin Haerle, PhD
Darin Haerle, PhD
Portrait of Adam Irish, PhD
Adam Irish, PhD
Portrait of Amy Magnus, PhD
Amy Magnus, PhD
Portrait of Ryan Patten, PhD
Ryan Patten, PhD
Portrait of Michelle Rose, PhD
Michelle Rose, PhD
Portrait of Doris Schartmueller, PhD
Doris Schartmueller, PhD
Portrait of Charles C. Turner, PhD
Charles C. Turner, PhD
Portrait of  Paul Viotti, PhD
Paul Viotti, PhD

Lecturer Faculty


Portrait of Liz Wasinger
Liz Wasinger
  • Administrative Support Coordinator II
Portrait of Michelle Wysocki
Michelle Wysocki
  • Administrative Support Coordinator I