Political Science and Criminal Justice

Ariane Belanger-Vincent, PhD

Dr. Bélanger-Vincent has been teaching in the Department of Political Science & Criminal Justice since Spring 2016. She also teaches in the departments of anthropology and sociology.

She earned her Ph.D. in anthropology from Universityé Laval (Québec City, Canada) in June 2016. Her doctoral research examined global policy-making processes relating to humanitarian intervention.

Her research interests stem from the aspiration to understand actors, practices, discourses, and networks that shape international politics. She is particularly interested in the processes of global policy-making and implementation of policies to address violent situations such as armed conflicts or genocides. She is also interested in initiatives seeking to rebuild societies after such conflicts.

Dr. Bélanger-Vincent is currently developing a research project on landmines and the demining processes around the world. She seeks to understand how the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention is being implemented and to explore the relationships between the many organizations working on what the United Nations calls “Mine Action.”
Portrait of Ariane Belanger-Vincent, PhD