Political Science and Criminal Justice

Angela Gapa, PhD

Dr. Angela Gapa is an associate professor of International Relations. She received her PhD in International Relations, an MA in International Studies, and a Graduate Certificate in National Security from Florida International University, and a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science and Health from NUST. Her research and teaching straddles both fields of International Relations and Comparative Politics. Her scholarly work focuses broadly on the nexus between resources and politics, and more specifically, on the sources of political and economic variation among resource rich countries. Her current research delves into the global and local geopolitics of the diamond, platinum, oil and rare earth mineral industries, the geopolitics of energy in southern Africa and the role of identity politics in international relations. Prior to joining Chico State, Dr. Gapa taught international government courses at St Lawrence University and Providence College. She currently teaches the Politics of Developing Nations, Introduction to Comparative Politics, Politics of Africa, Comparative Political Institutions, War, Conflict & Security, the senior Capstone seminar in International Relations and the Graduate seminar in International Relations.

Select Publications:

Gapa, A (2023) “National Elite Identities and Foreign Policy in Botswana” in Clark J (upcoming) ed. National Elite Identities and Foreign Policy in Africa, Lynne Reiner

Gapa, A (2020) “Natural Resources and African Economies: Turning Liability to Asset” Book Chapter in Oloruntoba, Samuel Ojo, and Toyin Falola. The Palgrave Handbook of African Political Economy. (2020).

Gapa, A. Z., & Walker, W. A. (2020). “State, Corporate and Traditional Community Relations and the Politics of Leverage in the Royal Bafokeng Nation”. The Extractive Industries and Society.

Gapa, A. (2017) “Identity management: The Creation of Resource Allocative Criteria in Botswana” African Studies Quarterly, 17(1), 1.

Gapa, A (2016), “Diamond in the Rough: Unearthing the sources of state legitimacy in Botswana,” Journal of African Policy Studies, 22, (1), 1-38.

Gapa, A. (2016). “Strategic Partner or Shot Caller?: The De Beers Factor in Botswana's Development”. Journal of Global South Studies, 33(1), 49-81.

Portrait of Angela Gapa, PhD