Political Science and Criminal Justice

They Will Be Missed

The spring 2011 semester saw the sad loss of two of our Criminal Justice Majors, Alfredo Martinez and Nicholas Fosco. Our sincerest condolences to their families and friends.

Alfredo Martinez, 21, died as a result of a shooting Feb. 4 in Yuba City. Alfredo entered CSU, Chico in fall 2007 and declared a criminal justice major in 2009. He was from Yuba City, where he was a participant in the EOP program. Criminal Justice Professor Jon Caudill, who had Alfredo in class, said of him: “He was a quiet student, but when he spoke he brought a lot to the classroom based on his life experiences. He was insightful, and people responded well to him. He always had a smile on his face.”

Nicholas Fosco, 26, died as a result of a car accident on Friday, May 20. He was on his way home from Chico to Orange County, when the accident occurred near King City. He transferred to Chico State in 2010 as a criminal justice major and was enrolled in summer and fall 2011 classes.

“Nick was quiet and contemplative in class, but he exuded confidence in his written work,” said Criminal Justice Professor Ryan Patten, who had him in class. “It was easy to see that Nick was not in class just to get a grade, but to truly understand corrections and its role in the criminal justice system.” A scholarship has been established in Nick’s name to help continue his legacy. 

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