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Community Legal Information Center's 45th Anniversary Celebration

Professor Dane Cameron, Dr. Ed Bronson and CLIC alumnus Christian Heyne.On April 11, 2015, the Community Legal Information Center (CLIC) celebrated its 45th anniversary. CLIC, founded in 1970 by Dr. Edward Bronson, is a Legal Studies internship program that provides students with paralegal internships while also servicing the North State community’s legal needs. The event, held at Sierra Nevada’s Big Room, brought together 250 CLIC alumni, Chico State faculty members and administrators, and community members to celebrate CLIC’s longevity and success.

Today CLIC has over 3000 alumni all over the country. Each year CLIC provides internships Professor Teddy DeLorenzo, Professor Sally Anderson and CLIC Administrative Director Emma Hilder.for around 200 students and serves over 15,000 clients with their legal issues. The anniversary celebration was dedicated to CLIC’s supervising attorneys, Teddy DeLorenzo, Dane Cameron and Karla Zimmerlee, who have all either fully or partly retired from their full time positions with the University. Christian Heyne (CLIC Alum 2009), Legislative Director for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, presented CLIC with a letter from Senator Diane Feinstein recognizing CLIC’s contribution to our country. The “CLIC Across the Nation Map (PDF),” representing the current locations of CLIC alumni since 1970, was unveiled during the event to an enthusiastic crowd. It was a wonderful night of celebration and support for the Community Legal Information Center! We hope you can join us in 2020 to celebrate CLIC’s 50th anniversary!

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