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Political Science and Criminal Justice

Faculty Research and Accomplishments

In November ’16, our own Matt Thomas was the keynote speaker for the BSS Faculty Colloquium. Matt discussed his co-authored work regarding reform in three New Orleans institutions – the Police Department, Education system. 

new orleans institution reform 

Diana Dwyre presented her research, "Does the Source of Money Matter? The Contours of Campaign Finance in the U.S." at the Capital Alumni Luncheon in Sacramento this spring. 

CPAN2’s Cities Book Tour visited Chico this spring, and interviewed Darin Haerle to discuss her book with co-authors Chad Trulson, Jon Caudill and Matt Delisi: Lost Causes: Blended Sentencing, Second Chances, and the Texas Youth Commission.

professor darin haerle

Professor Darin Haerle

lost causes 

Jen Wilking's research (with BSS colleagues Susan Roll, David Philhour, Peter Hansen and Holly Nevarez) regarding the impact of local homeless ordinances was featured in the Chico ER in early June. Additionally, her work on procedural fairness in China was also recently published in March in the Journal of Chinese Political Science

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