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chair mahalley

Hello students, alumni, and friends!

As I write this, the current circumstances are not what we envisioned for the end of the spring 2020 semester. Even in our current situation, we have much to be proud about as a department. Just a few days ago, we virtually celebrated the undergraduate and graduate students graduating from our department and congratulated them on their academic achievements. We also recognized and congratulated two professors on their well-earned retirements, Professors Teddy DeLorenzo and Bob Stanley. Both Professors DeLorenzo and Stanley are retiring as emeritus professors from the legal studies program after long and distinguished careers positively impacting so many students’ lives and careers. We cannot thank Professor DeLorenzo enough for her dedication to the Community Legal Information Clinic and all her hard work over the years to make sure CLIC is the best undergraduate law clinic in the country!

As we wish Professors DeLorenzo and Stanley happy and joyful retirements, we also welcome Professor Devin Fernandes to our department in our U.S. Politics program. Professor Fernandes started as an assistant professor in August 2019, and you can read more about his background and teaching interests in this newsletter. In fall 2019, we welcomed Michelle Wysocki as our department’s newest staff member. We are lucky to have both Devin and Michelle join our department. We also look forward to welcoming two new assistant professors to our department this August: Noelle Ferdon Brimlow in our legal studies program and Amy Magnus in our criminal justice program. We are excited to welcome them both to our faculty and to share more information about our new colleagues in the future.

This edition of our newsletter will focus mainly on some of the amazing research coming out of our department. We are proud to share news and information about the research that our students and faculty are doing and the intersection of the two. Please read through the newsletter to learn more about the wonderful accomplishments of our faculty and students.

In the future, as more people turn to social media for news, we will rely more on the department’s social media accounts for Facebook(opens in new window), Instagram(opens in new window), and Twitter(opens in new window) so please follow along!  

Please continue to stay safe and well! We love to hear from our amazing alumni, friends, and donors. Please contact us with news and accomplishments at politicalscience@csuchico.edu.

Political Statements is the official newsletter of the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice at California State University, Chico.

With over 1,000 total majors, the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice is one of the largest departments at Chico State. Students choose courses from a rich curriculum, providing close student-faculty contact in each of the following majors of study: U.S. politics, legal studies, criminal justice, international relations, and public administration. The department also offers a Master of Public Administration and a Master of Arts in Political Science.

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