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Political Science and Criminal Justice


In addition to general financial aid, political science students are eligible for a number of merit-based and/or need-based scholarships. Below is a list of departmental scholarships for which students can apply via the university's scholarship application.

  • Royce D. Delmatier Scholarship
  • Paul DiGirolamo Memorial Scholarship
  • Charles M. Price Internship Endowment
  • Ralph and Ruth Choisser Law Scholarship
  • Sarah Libby Mahood Merit Scholarship
  • Matilda K. and Maurice E.S. Brunelle Scholarship
  • Lew D. Oliver Scholarship
  • Bob Sherrard Scholarship
  • The Honorable Mike Thompson Political Science Scholarship
  • Carl and Katie Thomas Scholarship
  • Public Law Community Service Award
  • Edward J. Bronson Scholarship
  • Paul Person's "Fighting the Good Fight" Award
  • Advocacy Award
  • Tamsen Swift Scholarship
  • Target Corp. Criminal Justice Scholarship
  • The Robert S. Ross Memorial Award
Pols scholarship reception