Office of the President

Faculty Consulting Policy

Executive Memorandum 88-002 February 9, 1988

From: Robin S. Wilson, President

Subject: Faculty Consulting Policy


After recommendation by the Faculty Senate and review by the Provost, I approve the attached policy on faculty consulting, effective immediately.

Faculty members of CSU, Chico are encouraged to apply their scholarly expertise in the community outside of the University and its institutional programs. Consulting is recognized as a legitimate and important expression of the faculty role and university mission. Such activity enhances the teaching and professional development of individual faculty members as well as enlarges the university's contribution to the public. Consulting provides an outlet for the application of professional and scholarly expertise by the faculty and encourages transfer of knowledge between the campus and community.


Consulting is defined as the application of scholarly expertise in the community outside of the University and its institutional programs. Consulting extends beyond the regular faculty duties or contracts and may include income-generating activities, although it need not be so defined. Consulting is further defined as those activities directly related to the faculty member's profession and discipline and conducted within the normal requirements of that discipline.


The faculty are encouraged to participate in consulting activities, subject to the following provisions:

Faculty Responsibilities:

Consulting activities shall not conflict with normal work assignments or satisfactory performance of all formal teaching, service, and other assigned duties. It is the responsibility of the individual faculty member to assure that all assigned duties are satisfied fully.

Conflict of Interest:

Conflict of interest is defined in either of two ways. It occurs whenever the faculty member's consulting activity conflicts with the university's mission. It also occurs whenever the faculty member has off-campus financial interests which are directly affected by decisions and activities which lie within the faculty member's assigned duties.

Use of University Resources:

Consulting activities may not involve university resources without formal authorization of the University. Approval will require a written contract or authorization signed by the college dean or appropriate university unit administrator and by the Provost.

Use of the University Name or Logo:

The faculty member, as a representative of the University, is encouraged to use the university name or logo. However, the use of the university name or logo to convey an endorsement by the University in consulting activities is prohibited.

Reporting of Consulting Activities:

If an appropriate administrator is concerned that consulting is interfering with the satisfactory performance of normal faculty duties and work assignments, he or she may enforce reporting procedures.