Office of the President

Approval for Changes to the BS and Minor in Computer Science

Executive Memorandum 88-029 July 19, 1988

From: Robin S. Wilson, President

Subject: Approval for Changes to BS and Minor in Computer Science

The proposed modifications to the Computer Information Systems option and to the minor in Computer Science are approved for implementation effective fall 1989. The changes to the option, which increase by six the total required units, include:

  • Adding nine required units to the option:
    • CSCI 110, Computer's Impact on Society, 3 units
    • CSCI 270, Systems Design, 3 units
    • CSCI 278, Computer Networks, 3 units
  • Deleting three units "selected from any upper-division Computer Science (CSCI) course;"
  • Changing Math 007A requirement to read "Math 007A or Math 009A;"
  • Changing CSCI 152 to read "CSCI 152 or CSCI 153."

The revised minor in Computer Science will continue to require a total of 21 units, as shown below:

15 units required:

  • CSCI 015A (formerly 015), Programming and Algorithms I, 3 unit
  • CSCI 015B (formerly 053), Programming and Algorithms II, 3 units
  • CSCI 051A, Assembly Language and Programming, 3 units
  • CSCI 151, Algorithms and Data Structures, 3 units
  • CSCI 171, Computer Architecture, 3 units

6 units selected from:

  • Any upper-division Computer Science (CSCI) courses.