Office of the President

Approval for Revisions to Minor in Business Administration

Executive Memorandum 88-035 July 29, 1988

From: Robin S. Wilson, President

Subject: Approval for Revisions to Minor in Business Administration


The proposed revisions to the minor in Business Administration are approved for implementation effective Fall 1989. The changes, which do not affect the 30 unit total requirement, include:

  • Substituting MINS 110, Introduction to Computers and Information Processing (3 Units) and MGSC 142, Probability and Statistics for Management (3 Units) for the "6 units of Business electives."
  • Adding a "3+2" advising pattern for graduate students preparing to enter the MBA program and for non-business undergraduates enrolled in a five-year course of studies that includes completion of an MBA degree. The "3+2" advising pattern allows selected students to substitute ECON 104, Economics for Business Decisions (3 Units) and MGSC 143, Production and Operations Management (3 Units) for ECON 002, and ECON 003