Office of the President

Approval of Revisions to BS in Business Administration

Executive Memorandum 88-057 October 12, 1988

From: Robin S. Wilson, President

Subject: Approval for Revisions to BS in Business Administration


The proposed revisions to the BS in Business Administration are approved for implementation effective Fall 1989:

Delete ICST 088 from the lower division Business Core; Add MGMT 161 to the upper-division Business core.

In the International Business option: Reduce from six to three units, electives selected from POLS 141, POLS 144, POLS 298N; Increase from three to six units, electives selected from ICST 233, GEOG 103, POLS 215 series, POLS 242, 243, 246 series.

In the Marketing option: Increase course selections in Block 1 from nine to twelve units; Delete three units from course selection in Block 2.

In the Finance option, add Financial Services pattern and Financial Management pattern.