Office of the President

Principles Governing Appointment of Temporary Faculty

Executive Memorandum 88-058 October 12, 1988

From: Robin S. Wilson, President

Subject: Principles Governing Appointment of Temporary Faculty


Step movements for temporary faculty are described by the Memorandum of Understanding in sections 12.8 and 12.9. They are not the same as the "merit salary adjustments" described in the MOU, sections 31.11-16.

University and Department/Unit Requirements
  • University-wide requirements for step movement will be as follows:
    • Granting of step movements must be based on quality of performance as determined by appropriate periodic evaluations.
    • Movement beyond steps 5, 10, and 15 will require review and approval as prescribed in FPPP 12.3
  • The dean of each college, after consultation with each department/unit within the college, will establish department-specific limitations on step movements based on qualifications (academic training and experience), types of assignments, and funding resources. These guidelines will be available to all faculty and will be explicated in letters of offer to hire.
Service Requirements
  • Temporary faculty will be considered eligible for a step movement upon the completion of the equivalent of one year of full-time service. This equivalent for a temporary faculty member will be the accumulation of appointments with an annualized total of at least 1.0 since initial appointment or the last step movement (the sum of semester fractions divided by two).
  • If a faculty member has not accumulated the annualized service credit (see 1 above) before the beginning of a new contract period, the member will be considered for a step movement for the academic semester after the achievement of the minimum annualized service credit. Any portion of accumulated service beyond the minimum required for eligibility for step movement will be carried forward as credit toward eligibility for a subsequent step movement.
  • Each college dean will record accumulated contract service for determining eligibility for a step movement. In keeping with the MOU, Section 12.9, eligibility for movement will be based on accumulated service in a single department. At the discretion of the dean, similar service in more than one department within a college may be aggregated for the purpose of determining eligibility.
Request for Reconsideration

Step movement will be granted only in keeping with all relevant University and department guidelines. Any faculty member who receives an offer that does not include an anticipated step movement may request consideration for such a movement in writing to the department chair and the college dean.