Office of the President

University Committee on Air Quality

Executive Memorandum 88-065 November 3, 1988

From: Robin S. Wilson, President

Subject: University Committee on Air Quality

Upon the recommendation of the Faculty Senate, the attached document is approved for implementation. This establishes the University Committee on Air Quality which will be responsible for ascertaining acceptable campus air quality standards and practices and reporting their findings to the General Policies Committee of the Faculty Senate.



  • Ascertain acceptable air quality standards and practices, including:
    • Fume-hood proximity to building air intakes;
    • Air circulation;
    • Air filter maintenance;
    • Maintenance of building duct work;
    • Elimination of light ballasts with toxic substances;
    • Asbestos removal;
    • Traffic and parking patterns as they affect air quality.
  • Request an annual report from the University Health and Safety Officer regarding university compliance with these standards.
  • Discover if all areas of the University responsible for air quality are responsive to air quality requirements driven by learning/work environment needs.
  • Monitor the strategic plans of those areas responsible for air quality to insure inclusion of air quality maintenance.
  • Insure that air quality standards are included in university futures planning.
  • Meet with the Academic Program and Budget Committee to request an analysis of the air quality budget.
  • Report annually, each April, to the General Policies Committee and outline the Committee's activities, the state of campus air, and any policy needs.


  • Four faculty appointed by the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate to two-year terms.
  • Four staff members appointed by the Executive Committee of the Staff Council to two-year terms.
  • Two students appointed to one-year terms by the Vice President for Student Affairs after consultation with appropriate deans.

Staff to Committee

  • Health and Safety Officer
  • Associate Vice President, Administration
  • Plant Operations Administrator of Services