Office of the President

Use of Faculty Leaves for Completion of the Terminal Degree

Executive Memorandum 88-067 November 18, 1988

From: Robin S. Wilson, President

Subject: Use of Faculty Leaves for Completion of the Terminal Degree


California State University, Chico may enable probationary or tenured faculty to take a leave of absence to complete a terminal degree. While such leaves are normally without pay, faculty may continue to accrue seniority and other faculty rights and benefits. In some cases, there may be differential pay or other fiscal support available.

A leave for this purpose is conditional upon the dean's approval of the study plan as one that will add significantly to the faculty member's capacity to serve the University. Any subsequent variation from the study plan must be approved by the dean if leave benefits are to be continued.

The proper procedure for a faculty member considering an advanced study leave is to discuss the matter with the department chair and dean, make arrangements with the host university, and then submit a formal plan of study for the dean's approval. The dean will forward a recommendation to the Provost, whose final approval will initiate the leave process.