Office of the President

1989-1990 Writing Proficiency Courses

Executive Memorandum 89-008 February 06, 1989

From: Robin S. Wilson, President

Subject: 1989-1990 Writing Proficiency Courses


The attached list of 1989-1990 writing proficiency (WP) courses is effective from August 22, 1989 through August 17, 1990.

The WP courses are required upper-division courses in the content of the discipline in which students develop their ability to write as professionals in the major. The courses integrate writing with course content and involve both in-class and out-of-class writing that provide students with opportunities to write frequently in various modes of discourse. Through its designated WP course, each department certifies the writing of students who satisfy Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) standards for the discipline. To graduate, students must earn a C- or better in a WP course in their major, unless otherwise specified in writing in the department's WP policy statement.

Since Chico's GWAR program centers on course-related writing in the major for which a passing score on the WEST is prerequisite, students are required to pass the WEST this spring or earlier to qualify for any writing proficiency course in the summer or fall. The WEST is administered this semester on February 18 and April 15. Instructors should confirm WEST compliance before adding students to a WP course and should include the following note on each WP course syllabus.

This is a writing proficiency (WP) course, open only to students who have passed the Writing Effectiveness Screening Test (WEST).