Office of the President

Internship Policy

Executive Memorandum 89-022 June 07, 1989

This Executive Memorandum has been superseded by EM 19-025 .

From: Robin S. Wilson, President

Subject: Internship Policy

Upon recommendation of the Faculty Senate and the concurrence of the Provost, I approve the Internship Policy, effective immediately.


An internship is defined as university-sanctioned academic or career-related work experience. This policy applies to cooperative education programs when units are offered for the cooperative experience. In order to qualify as an internship, the experience must meet the above definition and all of the following criteria:

  • Carry an intellectual, supervised, pedagogical component;
  • Guarantee a specific number of contact hours per unit of academic credit granted comparable to other academic courses;
  • Be based on an agreement between the Department Internship Representative or the faculty member directing the internship, the grantor of the internship, and the student. This written description of the internship will include
    • The term of the internship;
    • A description of internship duties;
    • The method of evaluation and supervision;
    • The number and type of units to be given upon successful completion of the internship;
    • The academic component required.

The total number of internship units that may be applied to an undergraduate degree at CSU, Chico is 15.

Policy formulation on the following issues is the responsibility and at the discretion of individual departments or autonomous academic units. Each department or unit will be required to have a written statement of its policy. This statement will include

  • Whether and in what way internships are required for a degree in a given major;
  • Limits on the repetition of internships;
  • Policy addressing the transfer of internship units earned elsewhere and the way in which they satisfy major unit and course requirements;
  • The requirements necessary to satisfy more than one internship under the same course number;
  • The number of internship units permitted in a major;
  • The permissibility or impermissibility of remuneration for internships;
  • Grading options applicable to internships;
  • Special requirements for internships.