Office of the President

University Scholarship and Awards Program; Replaced by EM 08-006

Executive Memorandum 89-033 November 20, 1989

From: Robin S. Wilson, President

Subject: University Scholarship and Awards Program; Replaced by EM 08-006

The attached document describes the University's scholarship and awards program and is effective immediately. It replaces EM 83-011.



PURPOSE The University Scholarship and Awards Program serves to recognize academic achievement. By providing honorary awards and financial support to deserving students, it enhances the scholarly environment of the University community.

ELIGIBILITY AND CLASSIFICATION Prospective California State University, Chico students and those currently enrolled at the University are eligible to apply for scholarships. Scholarship recipients must maintain full-time enrollment and academic eligibility at the University and must continue to comply with all criteria specific to the scholarship. Scholarship awards are based on academic achievement and financial need and usually--but not always--entail future enrollment and achievement at the University.

There are three categories of scholarships and awards:

  • University Scholarships and Awards
  • Program Scholarships and Awards
  • Community Scholarships

University Scholarships and Awards may be restricted by class status (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate), financial need, or other criteria as specified by the donor.

Program Scholarships and Awards are based upon terms specific to a given scholarship. Criteria may be confined to a college, school, department, or area of study, or defined by donor or other university criteria.

Community Scholarships are awarded by friends of the university. They may be individual, association, or industry contributions; they may require participation by the university administration in selecting recipients or providing information for candidate evaluation.


General: The administration of the University Scholarship and Awards Program will be directed by the Vice President for University Advancement and Student Affairs (VPUASA). In conducting the program, the VPUASA will

  • Assure the annual appointment and functioning of the University Scholarship Committee
  • Maintain appropriate administrative contact with the University Foundation, its Board of Governors and Executive Officers, and other officers of the university community
  • Be responsible for the formulation of policy and functional directives
  • Provide appropriate reports to the University Foundation

SCHOLARSHIP AND AWARDS SOLICITATION AND FUND MANAGEMENT The Associate Vice President for University Development and Advancement Services (AVPDAS) will coordinate the solicitation of support for scholarships and awards. Annual activity reports will be provided to the Vice President for University Advancement and Student Affairs. The University Foundation may, through its Executive Director or other designee, and with approval of the Foundation Board of Governors, seek fiscal support for scholarships and awards. Similarly, administrative units and individuals within the university community may have opportunity to encourage the giving of scholarships and awards. In such instances, coordination by and approval of the AVPDAS is necessary prior to university-sanctioned negotiations with prospective donors. The acknowledgement of contributions will be coordinated by the AVPDAS.

The University Foundation and University Financial Services are responsible for management and accounting of university scholarship and award fund accounts. The AVPDAS will assure that appropriate procedures are developed for fund receipt and management (see EM 83-001). The Executive Director of the University Foundation or designee will present an annual report of all available fund balances to the VPUASA.

All scholarships and awards in the three general categories (University, Program, and Community) will be managed under one of the following four types of funds. Initial and contributed fund accounting and identity, along with the donor's wishes in establishing an account, will be maintained on file by the AVPDAS. All donors' wishes or directives must be in accord with university guidelines.

  • Endowed Fund - Individual non-expendable fund accounts established to provide earnings to the scholarship and awards program. The naming and terms for each fund are established in accordance with the donor's wishes. Endowments generally must maintain a minimum balance of $5000. Flexible endowments may be created to build an endowed account over time, while concurrently providing scholarship awards each year until the account is able to sustain itself.
  • General Endowed Fund - A general fund established to receive contributions and to be managed in the aggregate with aggregate earnings made available for scholarships and awards.
  • Expendable Fund - A fund for accepting donations intended to provide a limited number or period of awards. The intent of the donor will be recognized in awarding and identifying expendable scholarship and award funds.
  • Revolving Fund - Funds received on a revolving basis will be deposited and reissued in accordance with the terms defined by the donor. This category may include funds designated for a particular student or students.

ANNOUNCEMENT OF SCHOLARSHIP AND AWARDS AVAILABILITY AND SELECTION OF RECIPIENTS Upon receipt of the annual fund balance reports and the endowment earnings allocations from the University Foundation, the VPUASA will determine the availability of scholarships and awards for the approaching academic year. The VPUASA will then convene the University Scholarship Committee (USC) and charge them with the responsibility for recommending assignment of available funds. The USC will recommend the assignment of funding to individual colleges or other administrative units where authorized and appropriate; the USC will retain within its purview those funds to be awarded directly by USC action. The USC recommendations concerning scholarship and award fund distributions for the year will then be announced to the university community.

Selection criteria for each scholarship and award approved for a given year will be maintained in the Financial Aid Office and will remain in force for subsequent years unless rescinded or modified through action by the donor. All criteria will include a determination of the student applicant's grade point average; financial status; declared major; and supporting information relevant to the specific requirements of an award.

All files or appropriate summaries of awards will be made available to the AVPDAS for appropriate publicity. The final approved list of recipients will be forwarded to the Financial Aid Office (FAO) for coordination with financial aid disbursement.

Payment of funds will normally be made to recipients at the beginning of each semester, upon certification of full-time enrollment at the University. Alternate arrangements for interim or special payment schedules can be made in accordance with agreements negotiated in the acceptance of a fund or by order of the university President or VPUASA.

A narrative description of the five phases of the scholarships and awards process follows.

  • Development of scholarships is the responsibility of the AVPDAS. Input will be solicited from the University Scholarship Committee. The AVPDAS is the primary contact with donors, assists with the establishment of guidelines and selection criteria based on the donors' wishes, and develops procedures for fund receipt and management. The University Foundation provides accounting services for scholarship funds and provides reports of annual and endowed scholarship funds to the VPUASA for announcement to the University Scholarship Committee.
  • Information about and announcement of University and Program scholarships and awards will be provided by the Financial Aid Office for all awards and by appropriate colleges and departments for unit-specific awards. Catalog copy defining the availability of scholarships and awards at CSU, Chico will be the responsibility of the VPUASA. Additional announcements of college- or department-specific requirements will be the responsibility of the college dean.
  • Application for both University and Program scholarships and awards will be made to the Financial Aid Office for initial processing prior to submission to the appropriate unit for evaluation. The university scholarship application will be used for all University and Program scholarships. Requests for additional information may be made of the applicants by individual departments or colleges or by the USC, when appropriate. Application for both University and Program categories will be noted by the USC and coordinated with the appropriate college or department committees.
  • Evaluations will be conducted by appropriate committees (departments, colleges, or university) utilizing criteria previously approved by the USC. Upon completion of the evaluation, final recommendations of awardees and alternates are submitted by the appropriate college or department scholarship committee chair to the USC for final determination of eligibility.
  • Awards are made by formal, authorized letters following final approval by the USC. Approved recipients of Program and University scholarships will be notified by the USC. In order to validate an award, the recipient must accept in writing within thirty days of the date of the award letter. Failure to do so may disqualify the award recipient and a qualified alternate may be selected.