Office of the President

Instructional Computing Faculty Group (ICFG); Revision to EM 86-003; Rescinded by EM 90-078

Executive Memorandum 90-032 June 28, 1990

From: Robin S. Wilson, President

Subject: Instructional Computing Faculty Group (ICFG); Rescinded by EM 90-078.

The following statement, initiated by the Instructional Computing Advisory Group and reviewed by the Information Systems Administrative Committee (ISAC), establishes the Instructional Computing Faculty Group (ICFG), which replaces the Instructional Computing Advisory Group. It is approved for implementation. This memorandum replaces EM 86-03 dated February 27, 1986. Instructional and research computing includes all types of hardware and software purchased for university-wide access.



The Instructional Computing Faculty Group is established as a faculty advisory subcommittee of ISAC. It serves the campus community by reviewing computing needs, providing reports, and making recommendations to the Information Systems Administrative Committee. The chair or designee of ICFG will attend ISAC meetings as a non-voting member of the Information Systems Administrative Committee, of which ICFG is a subcommittee. Specifically, ICFG

  • reviews and makes recommendations regarding long-range plans for university instructional and research computing needs;
  • reviews and makes recommendations regarding computing resource management and utilization
  • reviews and makes recommendations regarding the acquisition and utilization of computing equipment for instructional and research computing needs on the campus;
  • reviews and makes recommendations regarding the annual budget allocations for instructional and research computing needs of the campus;
  • studies and advises on instructional and research computing matters on its own initiative or when requested by the ISAC;
  • makes annual reports to ISAC, the Provost, and the President.


Voting members

Nine full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty representatives, one from each of the eight colleges of the University and from Information Resources. The members will be selected by a method determined by the dean of each college.

The supervisor of the Instructional Support Unit of the Computer Center.

Non-voting member

The Vice Provost for Information Resources may attend meetings and provide administrative liaison for ISAC.


Each voting member serves a two-year term. Members from the eight colleges are appointed in alternate years to provide an even distribution of new and continuing members. Where necessary to maintain the group balance, one- or two-year appointments may be made.



The Instructional Computing Faculty Group meets as often as necessary to transact business. Meetings follow an agenda distributed not less than twenty-four hours prior to each meeting.

Roberts Rules of Order defines meeting procedures.

A quorum shall consist of six regularly appointed members of ICFG, not including proxies.

Voting by proxy is restricted to one meeting per year for each committee member; proxy authority will be given in written and signed format, naming the member authorized to cast the proxy vote.

The Computer Center Director or designee may attend meetings upon request.