Office of the President

199 and 299 Standard Numbering for Independent Study Courses, Superceded by EM 03-021

Executive Memorandum 90-037 June 11, 1990

From: Robin S. Wilson, President

Subject: University Honors Program Course Header Designation; Superceded by EM 03-021

Recent requests from several departments indicate that a 200-level independent study is useful to some programs. I approve reserving 199 and 299 course number designations for independent study courses. Appropriate A, B, or C suffixes differentiate unit values. Current policy defining the use of the 199 prefix will apply to the 299 prefix:

  • The student is limited to no more than 3 units of independent study in one semester,
  • No more than 6 units of independent study may be credited towards the baccalaureate degree,
  • Grading is limited to Credit/ No Credit only (with the exception of Honors Independent Study Thesis, which will use the 299H designation exclusively and may use letter grades or Credit/No Credit at the department's option).

Colleges and departments wishing to institute the 299 series of independent study courses may submit appropriate Course Proposal and Change Request forms to the Provost's Office without a preceding Memo of Intent.

College deans, department chairs, and curriculum committees should review current course offerings and delete any non-standard numbered independent study courses through submission of Course Proposal and Change Request forms, also without a Memo of Intent. All independent study courses will adhere to the 199 or 299 course number convention established by this memorandum.