Office of the President

Policy for Registration Priorities

Executive Memorandum 93-010 July 09, 1993

From: Robin S. Wilson, President

Subject: Policy for Registration Priorities

Upon the recommendation of the Faculty Senate and Provost William Stephens, I approve this executive memorandum for immediate implementation.


All students will be assigned to a registration priority group based on one or more of the following:

Continuing Priorities are based on general criteria or membership in a specific group.

  • General criteria include units completed, class standing, West test status, and post-baccalaureate status
  • Specific groups include disabled, exchange, new Education Opportunity program (EOP), and new freshman students.

The Provost or designee may extend temporary registration priorities to groups of students who meet temporary criteria. These priorities and criteria may be in effect for no more than two semesters.

Qualification details and the order of registration priority groups shall be determined by the Provost or designee. Registration priorities used during each semester shall be reported annually to the Educational Policies Committee.

Requests for modifications to continuing registration priorities shall be referred to the Educational Policies Committee prior to Faculty Senate action. Such requests may originate from faculty, staff, students, or the administration.