Office of the President

Revisions to EM 82-004, Benefits for Retired Staff

Executive Memorandum 94-002 January 13, 1994 (Revised January 1, 2010)

From: Manuel A. Esteban, President

Subject: Revisions to EM 82-004, Benefits for Retired Staff


Any California State University, Chico staff member (including auxiliary organization support staff) retiring after ten or more years of service may request privileges and benefits, with due responsibilities and subject to availability, such as the following:

  • Services, including those of the library, normally extended to active support staff
  • Use of recreational and social facilities and invitations to university functions, with the same access and ticket arrangements as are available to active support staff
  • Attendance at staff meetings as ex-officio, nonvoting members with floor privileges
  • Eligibility for appointment and/or election as staff representative to appropriate University Committees

The Director of University Services, at the request of the retiring staff member, will arrange to have a new identification card made reflecting the retired status. This card will serve as identification to show entitlement to the benefits and privileges of the retired staff member.

Any staff member retiring from California State University, Chico may request, subject to availability, free admission to all athletic and cultural Instructionally Related Activities programs. The retired staff member may present his or her identification card reflecting retired status to the University Box Office for a ticket to the desired event.